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We like to keep you informed about the latest news from Stal Sportview:




Black Diamond through the 1st stage with super high index

We got the good news from the studbook that our Black Diamond has completed the first stage of his approval with the great breeding index of 15.47! Very proud of this successful son of Thorgal.


Keagan champion foals

Our Keagan of Sportview became foalchampion at the show in Bergharen. Proud father is Thorgall. His mum, Dreamrose of Sportview received a first premium!


More sad news

On the day we heard of the death of Perfect of Sportview unfortunately we have to report another sad experience. With the 13th and last foal of the year it went wrong. After days of keeping a close eye in her, our best mare Whiskey or Sportsview foaled during our dinner. The foal is unfortunately did not get out of the birth membrane. We were too late. Of course it was also a filly. This hurts! It stayed with 12 foals: 5 mares and seven stallions.


Perfect of Sportview deceased

Today we received the sad news that the stallion Perfect of Sportsview is deceased suddenly. He was found dead in the pasture between a couple of mares from Torsten Jeppson in Sweden, where he stayed since 3 years. When he was born, we gave him the name Perfect, daring but we were so convinced of his qualities. How proud can you be later when in 2005 he became overal champion at the National Stallion Championship. He was literally in the spotlight, a magical moment that we will never forget. One of the greatest successes of our breeding. Too bad he deceased way to early. Luckily he leaves more than 243 kids in the Netherlands. 


Palominodaughter for Destiny

Last night Destiny gave birth to a stunning palomino filly by Collovatti. Only 1 fohl left to be born!


Gorgeous daughter for Fiene

Fiene gave birth to a gorgeous bucksin filly by Collovatti. Her name is Kayada.


A fillyfoal for 22 year old Impress

Our 22 year old mare Impress gave birth to a stunning palomino filly by Collovatti. Her name is Kindness.


Colt for Valetta

Valetta gave birth to a little colt by Collovatti. His name is Kansas of Sportview.


Gorgeous filly for Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry gave birth to a stunning filly foal by Collovatti. Her name is Kampala of Sportview.


Kelvin is born

Today, the 7th foal is born. A little chestnut boy by Acajou and Collovattig. His name is Kelvin. 6 more foals to come!


A palominoson for Charon

Our Charon gave birth to a lovely palominocolt by Collovatti. The little one is named Kenzo.


Gallyon passes sperm research!

Gallyon of Sportview, our mini Stallion of 81 cm, is now finally approved. He has passed the sperm examination. He can now get to work!


Two foals in one day!

Donatella and Dreamrose both gave birth to a lovely colt.


A little boy for Fifilla

Fifilla almost surprised us and gave birth to a healthy chestnut colt by Collovatti.


Another filly foal, this time for Wilona

Wilona gave birth to a stunning chestnut filly by Thorgal.


Another KWPN filly foal

Again a KWPN Mare foal born. A strong brown fillyfoal by our Mare Dressy T (Rhodium x Havidoff) and the Stallion Geniaal (Vivaldi x Biotop). The first impression is that the Stallion lives up to its name.


A filly for Dancing Queen

The first KWPN foal is born. It is a completely black filly by our elite mare Dancing Queen Utopia (Swarovski) and the stallion Governor (Totilas).


First 2016 foal born

Today Xanadu gave birth to a chestnutcolt by Thorgal! Very happy with this lovely little boy.


Gallyon succesful at the premiumshow

Gallyon came in fourth at the new mini stallions with a 2nd premium, yesterday at the Stallion show 2016. We’re going to use him the coming season in our own stud. We have high expectations of this Stallion with its super origin and 81 cm height.


Another Sportview stallion approved

Today is the 16th Sport view Stallion is approved. Our 3 year old Stallion Gallyon of Sportview is a small chestnut of 81 cm, son of Pacific v. Bromishet and our Mare Destiny of Sportview. We are proud that the jury liked him this much to give him his breedinglicence.



Today we lost our Promise

Just lost our beautiful 1st premium mare Promise… Probably an abscess in her intestines. Three weeks ago she balanced on the edge, and yesterday the complaints violently came back. Today the situation worsened so much that we had to put her down … The second 1st premium mare we lose this year and a dear member of our herd. So terribly sorry…


Family Waterreus new owner Kahlua

September 12 our filly Kahlua is presented at the foal auction Maren Kessel. The family Waterreus from Amersfoort was the lucky highest bidder. We wish them all luck with this promising filly.


Kahlua selected for the foalacution Maren Kessel

We are proud to announce that our filly Kahlua Bo is selected for the foal auction in Maren Kessel. She is presented on Saturday 12 September and has as catalog number 16. More information can be found on


Last foal of this year born

Promise gave birth to a stunning palomino colt. The last foal of this year. Very happy with the result of this years breeding.


Fillyfoal for Corina

After a very successful anniversary show in Bergharen we came home being pleasantly surprised with a lovely filly by Corina v. Lammishet and Collovatti, again with a nice colour. She was not due until July 27 so this little girl is as a month early!


Sportview successful at the Bergharen show

What a nice start to the showseason! We took whiskey with her 4 daughters to the show in Bergharen. Her filly Icecream was at the forefront of the mini foals. The yearling Hillary Top was in second place with the yearlings. The two-year old Gin Tonic was at the forefront of the mini masters and later became General Youth Champion. Whiskey was first in the adult minis and was second in the Grand Championship. Whiskey then won the class with her daughters Stable groups.


Stunning coltfoal for Dukaat

Our KWPN mare Dukaat gave birth to a stunning colt foal, sired by Ferdaux.


And again a filly foal

Whiskey gave birt to a gorgeous filly foal!


Filly foal born

Acajou gave birth to a stunning mushroom fillyfoal by Collovatti.


Gorgeous colt foal born 

Wild Cherry gave birth to a beautifull colt by Collovatti.


2 foal born

The last few days, we welcomed 3 new foal! Click here fore more information.


Mushroom filly foal for Valetta

Our Valetta gave birth to a stunning mushroom fillyfoal! Proud dad is Collovatti.


Filly foals for Charon and Dressy T

Our mares Charon and Dressy T both gave birth to a stunning filly foal.


Foal for Donatella

Donatella and Collovatti produced a stunning colt. His name is Jolly Jumper of Sportview.


Stunning filly foal for Blicka

Blicka gave birth to a stunning filly foal. Sired by For Gribaldi.


Gorgeous filly foal for our 24 year old Filly!

Today our 24 year old crown preferent mare Filly gave birth to a stunning Isabel filly foal. 


The first foal is born

One month to early, but safe and sound: we present this years first foal from Xanady and Collovatti!


Black Diamond Dutch Mini Champion!

We are proud of our black pearl BLACK DIAMOND OF SPORTVIEW, which became the Dutch Mini Champion at the annual stallion show in Marienheem.
We thank the family Steijvers, as co-owners, they prepared the stallion in outstanding manner. The expert way of presenting Black Diamond by Frank and Henry made the success complete.
Furthermore, the Sportview stallions CONCORDE OF SPORTVIEW, EARLY BIRD OF SPORTVIEW also again a 1st premium.


Fontargo sold to Rock Stable

We have sold our recently approved stallion Fontargo v. Linquenda to Pieter Peters from Gendt. We expect this still green stallion will do much good work in the future at Rock Stable. We wish Pieter, who has been very successful as a serious breeder in recent years, good luck with Fontargo.


Fontargo approved for breeding!
Once again a great success on the Stallion approval in Mariënheem. Ou Shetland Stallion Fontargo was approved this afternoon with a selection license. We congratulate Christian v.d. Vegt of Stal Linquenda with this beautiful breedingresult. Fontargo of Linquenda is black and measures 86 cm.


Himalaya foalchampion PK Bergharen

Valetta’s and Black Diamonds daughter Himalaya became foalchampion at the premiumshow Bergharen! She is now sold to Stal Marhé in Megen. 


Foal of Fablicka sold

The first foal of Fablicka’s has been given the name Jaguar BO. He has allready been sold to Ad Valk Dressage Horses from the town Gorinchem. We wish the new owners lots of successes with this top quality foal.


The last foals of this year are born
We welcomed the last 2 foals of this season. Again a filly foal with our shetlandmares as Whiskey gave birth to a stunning little girl, Hillary Top. And as wished for, we got a colt foal with our large KWPN mare Fablicka. Very happy and very thankfull for such an amazing foal-season!!


A filly foal for Wild Cherry
The eigth foal that is born, and again a filly. A gorgeous brown daughter of Wild Cherry and Black Diamond. Her name is Holiday of Sportview.


Again a filly foal
It is exceptional but the seventh born foal is a also a Mare. It is a Brown foal by Dreamrose and Black Diamond.


The 6th filly foal is born
Destiny Fairy Queen van Stal Pelgrom has given us a gorgeous filly foal from Ivo van de Lindenhof! Very happy with her!


Early Bird official selection Stallion
Today we received notice from the NSPS that Early Bird of Sportview has successfully completed the sperm research. He is now officially a selection Stallion. The Stallion is now owned by the family De Valk in Balgoy.


And again a filly foal
The 5th foal is also a mare. A brown filly out of Valetta and Black Diamond of Sportview.


Fourth filly born
And that’s four in a row. The 4th Mare foal is born! It is a chestnut filly foal out of Xanadu x Balmoral of Sportview.


Again a filly
The third filly is born. A chestnut foal by the Mare Promise and our Stallion Concorde of Sportview


Second foal born
The second foal is finally born. A Brown Filly by Black Diamond and Wilona (Goldstar).


Perfect of Sportview approved in Sweden with the highest points ever achieved by a mini!
In the horsesnewspaper was an article about our homebred Perfect of Sportview, that was recently sold to Sweden. This successful son of our Strathbogie Milly, was approved for breeding in Sweden with the highest points ever achieved by a mini. We are extremely happy and proud that this Stallion also continues his success abroad. Click here for the article.


The first foal born
On March 28, the first Sportview 2014 foal is born: Briana van de Lindenhof has given birth to a beautiful black filly, sired by Black Diamond of Sportview. Her name is Hariana.

11-01-2014early bird of sportview

Early Bird of Sportview approved
Our stallion Early Bird of Sportview was approved at the 2014 stallion show with a 1st premium! We are very proud of this impressive son of our Whiskey of Sportview. Early Bird is sold to family de Valk in Balgoij. We wish them good luck, beautiful breeding results and a lot of fun with this fine stallion.